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Innovative Services Employee Timebank

Give What You Want ... Get What You Need

Innovative Employee Timebank is a benefit available to Innovative Services, Inc. (ISI) employees. It is a time bank which allows employees to share their time and talents with other employees and receive the help you need in exchange. You can save money by exchanging time with others in the organization to meet your needs at no cost to you.


Innovative Employee Timebank aligns with many of our core values:

Helping Others—Innovative Employee Timebank is based on the idea of sharing your time and talents with others to make their lives better.

Commitment—You are expected to actively participate in Innovative Employee Timebank, both donating time and taking advantage of offers of assistance.

Empathy—Innovative Employee Timebank allows you to help others in need. It gives you an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Accountability—You are responsible for any offer you make.


The time you spend helping others through the Innovative Employee Timebank earns you a time credit. You can then use that time credit in exchange for any services available through the Innovative Employee Timebank. Regardless of the task completed, all time is valued equally. One hour is one time credit, whether a person does lawn care or child care. Time credits are measured to the nearest quarter hour. 


Remember, you control how much this Timebank benefits you! List your skills in the Talents section, so others can reach out to you for help. List any specific things you're willing to do in the Offers section. Also, don't forget to post what you need in the Requests sections, so someone else can help you!


Don't forget to check your messages regularly (and make  sure you are signed up for e-mails, so you don't miss a request or offer)!